Wednesday, August 22, 2012

When We Forget

Wednesday, August 22
Scripture Reading—Mark 8:14-21

We have encountered various versions from the gospels of the account of Jesus feeding multitudes in the last several weeks.   The gospel readings for five Sundays have been drawn from John 6, which is an extended theological reflection on the deeper meaning of this same miracle.  We go from physical bread to Jesus as the bread that sustains and nourishes life.  This passage in Mark 8 recalls two incidents of Jesus’ feeding large crowds.  The disciples are low on bread again and worried about how they’ll find enough to eat.  Jesus reminds them of the previous miracles and asks them why they can’t remember all he’s already done for them and others.  I can’t help but think that reviewing these accounts of God’s provision is just as necessary for us as it was for the disciples—I know it is for me.  We often find ourselves overcome with fear, anxiety, or worry over how to pay the bills, find a job, or solve a family problem.  We know rationally that God has brought us through so many things in the past and that somehow, God will provide all that we need.  But emotionally, we have our doubts about the present moment.  Thankfully, we can take comfort knowing that we are not much different from the first disciples who also had short memories.  Jesus is patient enough to remind us that God will provide all we need—today, tomorrow and always.

Thought for the day:  Though we sometimes forget what God has done for us in the past, and though we can be filled with anxious moments about the present, Jesus will be there to remind us that God will be there to provide all that we need.

 Prayer:  O God, I am prone to forget all you have done for me and others.  Help me when the concerns of the moment overshadow the blessings of the past to allow you to remind me that you will always provide all I need.  Amen. 

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